Friday, August 21, 2009


I use to love listening to the likes of Glenn Beck , Laura Ingram, and maybe a little Rush but, they all say the same thing. Let me explain. I consider myself an independent conservative living deep in the heart of Texas. I got to say I will never listen to them again. Ever since Obama got elected, no matter what he does, they all go the opposite way. He could announce he likes ice cream and the would cry that ice cream is the work of the devil. Where is the independent analysis?
I use to enjoy listening to their point of view. Now they are so predictable. I can't believe people still listen to them. How can you not change the dial when they always offer the same point of view? If I wanted to listen to the same thing over and over again, I would tape Sean Hannity and play it over and over again!
I am not saying that I agree with President Obama on everything but I do have a mind of my own and try to use it. Talk radio needs to do the same!

The Mental Pugilist

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pelosi, you got some esplaning to do!!!!!

A funny thing happened on the way to the torture debate! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi new all about it and never raised any objections. Right after 9/11, she was a ranking member of the house intelligence committee. In that role, she was briefed on specific enhanced interrogation methods being used by the CIA and the DOD. If she had any objections, why did she not raise them? Congress's role is to have oversight over the CIA.
Years later , the torture techniques where made public. Then she decided to speak out. What a political hack! Now she is claiming ignorance saying she had no idea the CIA was going to use these techniques. Either she was incompetent in her role of oversight or more likely, she changes her tune depending on which way the political wind is blowing. She and the president better be careful because they seem to be playing politics with our national security. Which might come back to bite them, if we are ever hit again! Lets pray to god it is not the later!
The Mental Pugilist!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rush, GOP, you have no credibility!! By The Mental Pugilist

Sometimes in life, you hear things that just make you want to laugh uncontrollable. Rush and the GOP have been making longtime conservatives like me double over in laughter! It is really funny to here, especially Rush, Them rant on how Obama is turning America into a Socialist country. How about when the cry about so many earmarks in the Omnibus bill. I just want to know one thing, Is Rush really a conservative?
I want to know where was he when George Bush began the largest government expansion in U.S. history. It wasn't Barack Obama. George Bush and Henry Paulson were the ones who started buying stakes in banks not Obama. The banks were bailed out by the so called conservatives of the Reublican party, not President Obama. The earmarks in the omnibus bill, fourty percent were from republicans!!! Hello rush!!
A note to Michael Steele. If you ever want to win again, you really need to grow a spine and stand up to people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Not because conservativism is dead but because true conservatives, like me, can see through the flat out double speak when the supported GW for the last eight years and then turn around and say they hope Obama fails when he is only continuing what your boy has done for the last eight years!!! It might fool some uneducated people who don't pay attention but , it won't fool people who believe in small government and live deep in the heart of Texas. I often hear these so called conservatives decrie the massive governmnet spending the new administration is pruposing. Well genious, what about spending 28 billion per month on empire building in Iraq and Afganistan.
I promise you this Mr. Steele, people can see through this as a sham on conservativism and a sham to the Republican party. If your party is the same as the democrats, then just say so. You will never win another election if you let Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh slam policies of Barack Obama when George Bush started the ball rolling. If you don't correct them and acknowledge that the republican party started all this then you are doomed to fail. The conservative message is still a strong one but it rings hollow comming from Hannity and Limbaugh!!! Any idiot with a pulse can see that. The only chance in hell you have is not turn to the dark side but turn to the right side , RON PAUL!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally a bailout we can all agree on!! By The Mental Pugilist

I just wanted to say wow, what a miraculous piece of flying! Captain Chelsey B Sullenberger should get the Congressional Medal of Honor. On a day that President Bush gave a speech on the last eight years of a disasterous presidency, This accident is something every American can be proud of. With all the bailouts being pushed on the American people, everyone can agree this bailout was spectacular! Imagine only having seconds to decide the fate of one hundered and fifty five people, with no engines and no place to land with out killing scores of people on the ground.
It was amazing how this heroic pilot and crew acted in such a way they did. The miracle was that the pilot was able to do something that has never happened in comerical aviation history. Land a plane ,intacked, in the middle of the Hudson River. Hats off to all the fairy boat drivers as well. We all should be proud of this bailout in the age of the federal reserve and their bailouts that pin millions of dollars on the backs of generations of Americans!