Friday, October 24, 2008

"I wonder how it feels to be on the wrong side of history?" By The Mental Pugilist!

I am a big fan of talk radio. I love listening to the likes of Glen Beck, Michael Savage, and yes Bill O'reilly. But some, like the ones pictured above, I often want to ask to my radio, "hey buddy, how does it feel to be on the wrong side of history"? Let me explain. Most talk shows like Savage and O'reilly talk about different topics from the economy to the election. They often talk about both McCain and Obama. They cover both sides equally and give credit and criticism to each candidate. It makes their shows lively and interesting to listen too.
I can not listen to the people above anymore. Their whole show is spent talking negatively about Barack Obama!! My god it is like the movie "Ground hog Day" staring Bill Murray. Every morning I wake up listening to the same song on the radio over ad over again. I want to jump of my roof! I am a conservative and enjoy talk radio. How can the producers meet with these on air personalities and go over what are the going to talk about? "What are you going to talk out today?" "Obama" , "Obama"!! Yes but you talked about that Monday?? How do they get any type of ratings?? Its like listening to the same thing everyday. Who can stand listening to the same topics and the same view every day? I can't!
My hats are off to Beck , O'reilly, and Savage. The cover a wide range of topics and from different angles. I have an idea, the Special Forces and the CIA should use the recordings ,of the above people, and play them to the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Talk about enhanced interrogation techniques!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Obama will be tested, first month" Can you say Iran!! By the Mental Pugilist

Wow , have you been following what people, in high places, are saying about Barack Obama's first month in office? Let me put it together for you. Collin Powell went on Meet The Press and announced his endorsement of Barack for President. What you might not have caught was at about two minutes into the interview, he stated that there would be an international crisis within the first thirty days in office. Ex Secretary of State ,Madelin Albreight echoed what Collin Powell stated. It doesn't end there. Joe Bidden said "there will be a manufactured incident to test him".
I was left scratching my head. Was there something I missed? Where there is smoke , there usually is fire. Have these people been briefed on an upcoming international incident? Do they have inside information from being ex top officials in government? Why talk about some fictitious event now? Then I read the updated intelligence estimate of Iran's nuclear weapons program. Guess when they are predicting they will be able to build there first bomb? January, 2009!!!!!!!!
The Pentagon has already briefed the two candidates on relevant intelligence matters in the event they are elected President. These whispers seem to point out that maybe we are planing a strike in January, 2009 on Iran. Think about it, Bush has no political capital to launch any strikes. Imagine Barack, the first black President announcing we are going into Iran. I think America would be rallied around his historic election and would overwhelmingly support him. I can think of no better time , politically , for a first strike! What better way to prepair the U.S. people for an Iran strike than for surrogates of Obama, the likely winner, too go public with vague warnings of a future crisis in his first month, and how we need to support the historic candidate! D-day Iran: update, January 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Yes Congressman we do understand this bill" Ya Jackass!!

Do we really deserve the leadership we have in congress? Last week , after the House Of Representatives did the will of the people and killed the Wall Street bailout bill , the senate went at it again. They took a 700 billion dollar bill and porked it up to a tune of 860 billion!! All you hear coming out of the hill was "the American people don't understand this bill, it is not a bailout but a rescue". Bull butter!!!
Let me tell you Barnie Frank. Let me tell you Harry Reid. Let me tell you Nancy Pelosi. We the people do understand and we the people will vote you out in November!! Do you understand that? Let me inform some people on what was passed. First of all, the argument was that we have to pass this so banks will be able to lend to people or else the sky will fall. If you are trying to create financial confidence in the market , you do not go on TV and tell everyone the economy is going to implode. You do not say we must bailout Wall Street or no one will be able to get credit. This only causes fear , panic, and silent bank runs! The morons on Capital Hill believe their bill will insure the credit markets will flow freely with liquidity on the backs of the tax payers. Not true!! If financial and banking institutes sell their worthless paper to the treasury, this does not mean they will turn around and lend it to you and me!! No where in the bill does it force institutions to extend credit. Most likely in this environment, Banks will constrict their lending and hold on to the tax payers money.
They want us to believe that there is strong oversight written into this bill. Not so!! I read the whole bill and the oversight committee is made up of a five person panel including Bernanke and Paulson. Let me get this straight. We the tax payers fork over 700 billion to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson; He intern, turns around and buys all his buddies on bad paper. He and Bernanke get to oversee his own work!! That's some oversight.
I am an accountant and a auditor for a large public CPA firm. The first tenant in auditing and Sarbanes Oxley is independence. That is you should never audit your own work!!! You will see , this move will sink the dollar and plunge us farther into a depression, mark my words. Didn't you find it funny that every idiot was shouting , they day after the bill was killed that the stock market went down 777 points; But did anyone mention, one day later, that DJIA went up 435 points? NOPE!! Pretty funny how that works! Or what about on Friday , when the bill passed, the DJIA went down almost 300 points. Wait a minute this was suppose to inspire confidence. It inspired that we are headed to the Amero and the bankrupting of our great nation. So go ahead and jump you idiots in Congress and Wall Street. Maybe Barnie Frank will start dating Henry Paulson and sink the whole ship!!!!!!!!!!!