Friday, July 25, 2008

CAN YOU SAY AMERO!!! By The Mental Pugilist.

Why has not one politician , running for the President of the United States, ever talk about the value of the U.S. dollar? Why does the hedge fund market have very little regulation? Why where the majority of the risky home mortgage loans, that are currently killing our financial markets , packaged as securities backed by these loans , sold threw these hedge funds? Why Where banks able to loan people extravagant amounts of money with very little or no income verification? Why Is the Federal Reserve able to print money out of thin air and manipulate the amount of currency in circulation when it is a privately owned company? Why does the Federal Reserve keep lowering interest rates , in the name of helping out with home loans, but never mention that they are creating a run away from the investment in the U.S. dollar?
WHY WHY WHY? Why won't anyone ever talk about these issues in the main stream media?
Most people watching news about the state of our economy are hopelessly blind to the real threat that is developing into a perfect storm. The crash of the U.S. Dollar! Forget about the media's reports on Fannie May and Freddie mac. Forget about how the talking heads on TV tell you how we cant let these institutions fail. These things are all nonsense and lies!! These reports are misleading and half truths because they will never tell you what it means to the American dollar and us as citizens, so I will tell you. Bailing out Fannie and Freddie will double are national debt! This has ramifications because as our debt increases , more foreign investors will invest in other countries? With the interest rates so low, you will see more investors running away and looking for more lucrative returns in Europe and elsewhere. Are credit rating will suffer because of the doubling of debt. In the last four years, our dollar has lost sixty percent of its value! As far as we can let the people who where greety loose their homes, or investment firms ,who didn't manage risk , go under, B.S. What the hell is a Capital market for???

Lets pause reality for a second. Lets say you wanted to create a North American Union, a merger between the U.S. , Mexico, and Canada. Would it be possible if one of these countries was the only supper power??? NO!! So how to make your conspiracy dreams come true? Well lets see. I would first want to bring the super power to its needs and have them beg for a new currency backed by gold. How to go about that? Let the mortgage banks and hedge fund managers( Goldman Sachs) play fast and loose with home loans. Play on peoples greed and have them buy houses they can't afford. This creates the housing crisis and allows you to manipulate the money supply to bring down the U.S. dollar to virtually worthless! Someone would notice right! Wrong ! People are to focused on bailouts and government stimulus checks to even fathom what it means to the value of the U.S. dollar!
I hope we wake up soon! Oh wait , This is just a crazy conspiracy! or is it?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Israel's Red Line! By The Mental Pugilist

Sometimes ,in this day and age, its is hard to distinguish between rhetoric and truth. Especially dealing with the back and forth that between Iran, Israel, and the U.S. . So how do you distinguish saber rattling from a possible strike on Iran? I will give you some keys to look for.
I would watch , in the upcoming months, how Iran reacts to the IAEA's nuclear inspectors. What I mean is this, There is a big myth that weapons grade uranium enrichment is hard to detect and easy to hide. This is not exactly true. If a country decides to enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb, a tell tale sign is on the floor of the facility. Nuclear inspectors would be able to see signs of this on the facilities floors. The only problem the inspectors would have is at sights that they do not have access too. Clandestine facilities in the country out of reach of the inspectors. In the coming months, if you see Iran kick out the inspectors, this would be a tell tale sign that a strike on Iran , from Israel, is imminent! Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons period.
There is a little discussed fact about the IAEA that you will never here. In the history of the organization, they have never once made a finding that a country as diverted uranium for military purposes! Think about that. Hundreds of countries they have inspected, not one!
If you seek the signs , they will show you the future.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bush's Nightmare! By the Mental Pugilist.

For the past four years we have heard the constant drum beats of war with Iran. Weather the beats are coming from Tel Aviv or Washington, They seem to be getting louder every week. Why, in this point in time , have the calls to attack Iran's nuclear installations accelerated? The reasons the media throws out are all B.S. . For the most part you can ignore them.
Let me inform you the real reasons why a possible strike on Iran is almost a certainty by the end of the year. Iran's influence on Iraq! Why is this so important to the current regime in the U.S. ? There are many reasons. The greatest fear inside the beltway is seeing an Iranian crescent stretch from Baghdad to Syria. Bush I , said , during the first gulf war, that he could not allow a dictator like Saddam to control so much oil , when he invaded Kuwait. Recent estimates have stated that Iraq holds the second largest oil reserves in the world. Do you really think Bush II is going to allow this to happen? Let a theocracy hell bent on the destruction of Israel, to control so much oil? You might say , how can this happen with all our troops in Iraq? Have you seen the latest SFOA? One of our goals ,not stated, as to why we went into Iraq was to build permanent military bases on Iraq soil in order to blunt Iranian influence. Nouri Maliki has completely rejected the U.S. having permanent bases! In June, the Iraq president assured Tehran that he would not allow permanent bases and they would not allow any attack on Iran from any bases inside Iraq.
Looks like the wheels are coming of the strategy we hoped to employ in the middle east. Our hope was that our presents would stabilize the middle east. These new developments leads me to believe that we are closer than ever to a dangerous war. In fact, the U.K. times just had an article today stating Bush has given his blessing to Israel to strike Iran. Not because they are so close to an Islamic bomb, but because things going down in Iraq!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran" The Mental Pugilist

Did you notice what happened in Israel, last week, involving the U.S. navy? For those of you asleep at the wheel, let me inform you. Chairmen of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen paid a visit to our buddies in Israel. Why is this significant? In the last ten years , no U.S. Joint Chief of Staff has made such a visit! Is this a sign to come? Are we closer to war in the middle east than ever before? Look at the signs, there are so many. Vice-Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, head of the fifth fleet, stated last week that The U.S. wont allow Iran to block the straight of Hormuz. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made a trip to the U.S. in May. He left stating that him and President Bush see eye to eye on Iran.
If you pay attention and look around you can see the build up that will eventually lead to war in the Middle east. By the end of the Year! People from the likes of John Bolton to Pat Buchanan have weight in on the likely hood of confrontation.
Oh, Did you her last month what Dr. No (Ron Paul) has said in regards to our congress and their view of the upcoming confrontation with Iran. He has publicly spoke out that we our on a dangerous course in the United states. He stated something big is about to happen. He also stated that congress is already in the bag on attacking Iran! Very disturbing.
Did you catch Israel's last war game over Greece? The exercise and the range was an exact replica of what would take to attack Iran. Yesterday, Iran had its own war games in which they demonstrated missiles that are capable of reaching Tel Aviv. And another sign. Condi Rice was in the Czech Republic yesterday, where she signed the missile shield agreement. Russia intern, stated the missile shield would be met with a military response!! wow.
All these signs seem to peaking into a perfect storm that is predicted in the bible. What does this all mean?

My Analysis:
First of all, the threat posed from Iran , that the main stream media seems to gloss over, is not them getting the Islam bomb and nuking Israel. They are to close regionally and both would be practically destroyed. The real threat is Iran proliferateing these nukes to terrorist and we wake up one day with a couple of cities gone! I believe President Bush will not leave office without attacking Iran. All the chest peaces are in Place. We have all the hard assets in place in Iraq to go into Iran. I am afraid it won't be a cake walk gentlemen. Do you remember Israel's last war with Hammas? They sunk an Israeli war ship with a Iranian silk worm missile. Like I said real men go to Tehran!