Friday, April 25, 2008

Rev. Wright, Out of Context! What Context!!! By The Mental Pugilist

Please, for the love of God, can someone give Obama a whack hammer so he can put the jack in the box back in the box! The jack in the box , I am referring to, is his Pastor Jeremiah Wright. With the issue of him and his offensive remarks slowly dying down, Reverend Jeremiah Wright is back doing the elephant walk with the media. He is scheduled to appear on PBS tonight with Bill Moyers. In defense of his comments, the Democratic pundits keep saying " the comments where taken totally out of context. The media keeps playing five minute sound bites and that is not fair. " First of all, What the hell is the context then? I have never herd anyone explain that! In what possible context could you blame America for 9-11? What context could you say the U.S. government injected black people with the Aids virus? What context could you say God dam America?
Lets look at the context of Reverend Jeremiah Wright himself. He is a former U.S. Marine who is the product of the sixties and the civil rights movements. He grew up in a time when racism was rampant. On the surface, it seams his comments reflect that of his past experiences. But compare what he preaches in the church with how he lives today and it tells a different story. Rev. Wright is known to preach black values and too rise up against the evil white man! That's funny when you consider his church is building him a 1.4 million dollar home. Attached to this his home is a ten million dollar line of credit! Where would you think is new home is located? Maybe in the south side of Chicago among his flock. Maybe an affluent black neighborhood. Nope! Its is currently being constructed in a predominantly white neighborhood on an exclusive golf course!
I listened to the Moyers interview and he was asked about how he took the Obama speech about race in Philadelphia. He said " Barack is a Politician, he speaks to different people. I am a preacher and I speak to different people. He says what he has to say. " I think that maybe Reverend Wright needs to adjust his analogy. He seems more like a politician, Saying one thing in public and doing the opposite in his private life!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Pennsylvania primary is finally over! Hillary Clinton walked out of the state with a ten point victory. The win Breathed life into a dying campaign for the first time since her Texas and Ohio wins. Still she has no chance! How did she end up winning with Obama's money and almost celebrity status. One word , Geriatrics! The state played a huge role in her win. Pennsylvania is a closed primary, which only allows registered Democrats to vote. There is only one state that has an older voting population , Florida. In other words, old white people! You will hear that these people are loyal supporters of Clinton because the feel more comfortable with a familiar face, and they fear change. BS! These are code words. The real reason is because Barack is black and the likelihood of a white senior citizen in Pennsylvania to vote for him is slim.
Pennsylvania registered a record number of Democratic voters for the primary. Many of these where young people who where inspired to get involved because of Obama. But the majority of the new registered voters are something you would have never guessed. "operation Chaos"! This is a movement spearheaded by Rush Limbaugh and his millions of viewers. He pushed them hard in Ohio, Texas, and especially in Pennsylvania to register ,as a Democrat, and vote for Hillary. He is trying to keep Hillary in the race as long as possible so they will destroy each other. So far it has worked.

Don't be fooled by Hillary's win. If the super delegates decide to hand it to her instead of Barack, there will be riots in the street from their base of African American voters. One good thing is as the race drags on, we will get to hear Billy boy put his foot in his mouth again and again eroding their legacy. Watch as more time passes her negative ratings will go up more and more with every month. Bill Clinton will have more time to point his bony finger at the people and lie more and more forever sinking the Democratic party and their chances in the general election.

Friday, April 18, 2008

ABC News Presidential Debate, What a Joke!, By The Mental Pugililst

Last Wednesday, ABC News hosted the last Democratic Presidential debate before the Pennsylvania primary. It was going to be one filled with drama and fireworks. With Hillary barley hanging on, I thought I would see high drama from the two candidates. Surprisingly, the drama wasn't from the candidates but the Moderators! One moderator in particular, George Stephanopoulos. While the talking heads of TV land continue to debate the relevancy and fairness of the questions, the real question should be, how could ABC even let Stephanopoulos be a moderator in the first place? For the record, the argument that ABC waisted the first forty five minutes with trivial questions about the flag pin, William Ayers, and Bosniagate is false. The candidates character and honesty plays an important role in the minds of Americans in who they vote for. The Amazing , seemingly overlooked aspect of the debate, was how many character questions Obama got compared to Clinton.
One needs to look no further than Stephanopoulos and the wisdom to include him in the debate. Debates are suppose to be unbiased and presented by moderators who do not have a dog in the fight. You may be asking , "what are you taking about"? Let me explain. Are little buddy George Stephanopoulos was Bill Clinton's Comunications director for his 1992 Presidential campaign. He was described as the utility infielder, with the broadest power of the campaign. He later served in Bill's White House staff. The only reason he even has an ABC job was because of the Clintons! Fast forward to the debate. When I looked up to see Stephanopoulos as one of the moderators, I knew the Clinton Machine had struck again! Stephanopoulos did not disappoint. At the beginning , a gave him the benefit of the doubt. I waited to see the line of questioning and how balanced they where toward both of the candidates. The principle character subjects where directed at Obama and only one hard question to Clinton's Character, Bosnia! One issue was Obama's relationship to William Ayers. Ayers was part of The Weather Underground terrorist group who bombed the Pentagon in the sixties. Obama gave a great ender by pointing out Bill pardoned two of them in his last days of his presidency. Why didn't ABC ask Hillary about her terrorist ties?
Hillary has more direct ties to terrorist than Obama, but ABC choose to ignore it. In the late 80's , she was Chairman of The New world Foundation. This was a radical left wing group that gave funding and grants to organizations. She oversaw a $15,000 grant to an organization called Grassroots International. They funded two groups who had close ties with the PLO! Muslim activist Abdurahman Alamoudi gave money and had fundraisers on behalf of Hillary's 2000 senate campaign. When he openly said "we all support Hamas" she tried to distance herself! Stephanopoulos seemed hell bent on asking about Ayers but no word about Clinton. This is only one example of how someone who has a close ties with a participant can steer the theme of the debate. How could you expect Stephanopoulos to be fair and balanced? What was ABC thinking putting that little hobbit even on the debate?
I want everyone to close there eyes and think of this scenario. Two unknown candidates are going to be on a Democratic debate airing on ABC. It might be the last debate and its very important that both candidates come out looking good. Slowly open your eyes as the lights in the studio began to turn on showing the candidates standing behind their podiums. The camera pans to the moderators. You see on one side , the nightly news anchor Charles Gibson with his glasses hanging low on his nose. The camera panes left and you see the other moderator, KARL ROVE with his notes in front of him! Would this fly!!! Nether should this! ABC should fire Stephanopoulos or have him as a beat writer for that American soccer league, not as a objective journalist!!!! What a joke!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama, Why are you so bitter? By The Mental Pugilist

Ahh politics, it can be a funny animal! The last week of the Democratic primary , in Pennsylvania, has provided many laughs, twist and turns. For those of you living in a cave in Tora Bora, Obama was tape recorded , during a San Francisco fundraiser, talking about the people in Pennsylvania clinging to guns and religion because of their economic situation. The uproar from the media has been loud ,but hasn't hurt Obama in the polls. The new debate is who is and elitist , Barrack or Hillary? That's like asking who took more steroids, Mark Aguirre or Barry Bonds? They both are elitist. What was really funny was seeing Hillary Clinton try to whack Obama on the head by constantly talking about his remarks on the campaign trail. Its really weird watching her , of all people, calling someone out for an elitist attitude towards Americans. Talk about calling the kettle black! I laughed when she even took it a step farther. Hillary was seen at a local Pennsylvania bar taking shots of whisky and drinking bear! I did a double take! How funny was that to see. Oh ya, she is know a chick who gets up at the break of dawn, puts on her toboggan cap and crawls into her duck blind to do some morning hunting. She said she is and avid hunter who loves chewing tobacco and ridding in her dually pickup truck!!
One thing for sure is that It is going to take the jaws of life to pry Hillary Clinton from the race. Pennsylvania might be her Alamo. Stay tuned for tonight's debate. It should be no holds bar. While Hillary and Barrack duke it out in the bloodsport of politics, The thing that really seems to come through is this. By calling each other elitist just re-enforces America's view of the Democratic party. Being one of the Elite! All this media coverage has McCain laughing all the way to the White House! I have an inside tip on tonight's debate! Barack Obama will take a hit from a bong , in order to one up Hillary's shot taking and beer drinking episode. This is to be done to show he is truly the common man!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bill Clinton linked to Chinese secret police: By The Mental Puglist!

Last week, Hillary Clinton called on the President of The United States to take a stand and boycott the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics. She has taken a strong public stance against China and how it treats its people. China has been undertaking a brutal crackdown in Tibet , to try to stop the unrest in that region. China has a well known record of human rights violations and censorship. According to the World Press Freedom Organization, China has jailed 81 yahoo customers and dissidents for speaking out online against China. On the face of it, Hillary seems to have great cause in calling for a boycott. What she won't tell you is this.
Her public statement contradicts Bill's relationship with the company that has a key role in arresting people who speak out against the Chinese state. In 2005, Internet company Alibaba took over Yahoo China's operations. Alibaba works hand in hand with the Chinese police in identifying people who use Yahoo services to speak out. WPFO says " we know no yahoo works regularly and efficiently with the Chinese police. This is only the tip of the iceberg. " Bill Clinton was the key note speaker to a group of Internet executives in Hangzhou China. The event took place in September of 2005. Instead of taking his usual $100,000 - $600-000 fee, Alibaba agreed to private an undisclosed donation to his foundation. The William Jefferson Clinton Foundation has raised over 500 million dollars. Questions have arisen because the foundation continuously refuses to release who has donated and the various amounts. The Foundation has relied heavily on Influential foreign donors from the Middle east to China.
The lack of transparency is really disturbing because Hillary has repeatedly said she would use him as a roving ambassador! Can you see the conflict of interest that might arrive if he was to play an active role in the administration? This is exactly why you here the media make so much noise about candidates releasing there tax information. Specifically for this type of information. You do not want to elect someone who might be influenced by a foreign nation who has given them money and contributions of various sorts.
This is a great example of why it is important for the Clintons to provide prompt and complete disclosure of their sources of income! Not just their personal sources but, the Foundation as well! The Foundation has received millions of dollars from the Saudi royal family and different sheiks from the middle east. Sheiks from Qatar, Kuwait, United Emirates, and the governments of Taiwan and Brunei have made signifigant donations.
The donation from Alibabi undermines what his wife says in public about boycotting China. One reason I am glad that the Presidential race has been so long is that it has given the American people enough time to see the lies and character of the Hillary Rodham Clinton! She is two faced. She says one thing in public but does another in private that completely undermines what she is saying. Hillary tells blatant lies and only recants when caught. Does it ever end with them! Every week we learn more and more about the depth and depravity the will go to keep power!! The Clintons moral compass must face due south!! With each passing month, the clay mask of Hillary Clinton begins to crack showing us more and more. Each crack reveals a clearer picture. An ugly picture that shows a power hungry couple who will stop at nothing to run the White House again. Don't be fooled , do some research and take off the mask of Hillary! Maybe the next time Hillary calls for a boycott it shouldn't be against China, It should be against Bill!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

BILL CLINTON, Burning down the house!!

In Indiana on Thursday, Bill Clinton added more fuel to a flame that had been extinguished. His wife's well known tale of being under sniper fire while on a 1996 trip to Bosnia. The media had all but forgot the story until his remarks in Indiana. Bill Clinton said " She took a terrible beating in the press for a few days," he said, per ABC News' Sarah Amos, "because she was exhausted at 11 o'clock at night and she started talking about Bosnia and she misstated the circumstances under which she landed in Bosnia." The real amusing thing is that Bill lied after the extensive media coverage on the circumstances of the trip and the number of times she told the story. Bill heaped on more inaccuracies than he dispelled! Hillary did not mention Bosnia just once , late at night, as he would like you to believe. She said it three times including prepared remarks on her foreign policy! The speech was given early morning on March 17th. It took one week for Hillary to respond to the story. She never apologized. She said she misspoke!
Watching the two Clinton, it reminds of watching some Saturday Night Live sketch where Darrell Hammond tries to cover for his wife's lies. In the sketch , it makes the audience laugh because he tries to cover up her lie by telling more! That is why the audience is laughing. What is hilarious , about the sketch , (Bill and Hillary) is Hammond doesn't know he is piling on!
The Clinton campaign was grateful to put the story behind them. They where looking forward to resurrecting her campaign in Pensylvania! Attention Fire & Rescue, we have a five alarm house fire on 600 Hillary Clinton Campaign lane! Don't send Bill, he's the known arsonist , who restarted the fire. Approach house with caution , known excellerant used was "the bonny finger"!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

TO BOYCOTT or NOT TO BOYCOTT? By The Mental Pugilist

The Olympic Torch played hide and seek today in a city known for its population of rebel rousers and ass less chaps wearing protesters . San Francisco was the Torch's only American stop on its way to Beijing and the 2008 Olympics. Wall to wall protesters lined the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the torch. Unfortunately, the stealthy torch was re-routed several times to avoid the massive crowds. The TV showed the torch surrounded by two rings of storm troopers running along beside it. They prevented anyone from getting close. The relay was cut short for security reasons. My sources tell me the real reason was because the cops, wearing fifty pounds of riot gear, where winded after mile marker two! The treatment of Tibet and China's human rights record was the focus the demonstration.
Many countries have called for various boycotts of the Olympics. With the Political season raging in America, all the candidates have weighed in. The first shot was fired by The Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi. She called for President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies. Next was Hillary Clinton. She said , on Fox News , that we should boycott the opening ceremonies.
John McCain and Barack Obama have made similar appeals. Its funny to watch these politicians try to be the first one to get ahead of the issue. They try to show "Presidential Leadership" and call for boycotts. The question to you is should we boycott the Olympics and how effective would this be?

One has to wonder how interested these leaders would be in stirring up the water if it wasn't an election year? Have you ever herd them take a stand on China and the Tibet issue? Before this year, has any of them introduced trade sanctions or laws that would persuade China to clean up its human rights record? They haven't!
I was a Member of the 1988 Junior Olympic Gymnastics team. I remember having the privilege of training at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs , Colorado. I met many athletes who where preparing for the Olympics. I witnessed , first hand, how much time and dedication it took these athletes to reach the Olympic level. I know from personal experience how damaging a boycott can be. My Coach , Wally Miller , was a member of the 1980 men's gymnastics team. I heard him repeatedly tell me his story of being denied Olympic glory because of the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Soviet Olympics! He trained all his life and was denied his Olympic dream. Instead of America knowing who Wally Miller is they know of Mitch Gaylord! He never had his day on the Wheaties box!
One of the main reasons we have no leverage against China is because the own all our debt. We walk on egg shells because the hold a financial atomic bomb. Imagine if they sold all their T-bills on the open market? The dollar would collapse! Boycotts would not persuade China one bit. Therefore, we will go to the Olympics quietly and not upset the mighty dragon! It is amusing to hear Barack Obama call for a boycott on China! One hand he wants to boycott China and on the other , he practically has already made his Holiday Inn reservations to Tehran! Go figure?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Obama the modern day Neville Chamberlain? By The Mental Pugilist

This morning I awoke , with dookie in my eyes, to watch General Petraeus testify in congress about the ongoing war in Iraq. I was interested because the three Presidential candidates where siting on both committees that would be questioning him. I sat and watched patiently for any insight into the ongoing struggle. I was hoping to witness tough questions and solid answers. Not to my surprise, the hearings where very uneventful except for the protester who interrupted the hearing. That was kind of funny. One theme that stuck out to me was the constant referral to Iran and its constant interference with Iraq! They are training and funding the Mahdi army as well as providing rockets that are constantly hitting the green zone. Throughout the hearing, Senator Obama insisted he would sit down and talk to Amadinajab , the Iranian leader. On the face of it, I found nothing wrong with his statement. He has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he would have direct talks with tirents like Amadinajab. I couldn't help think of how much Obama reminded me of one historic figure, Neville Chamberlain! I wasn't born yet, but studying history can give you lessons to learn and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes.

Lets look at the parallels. Neville Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister from 1937 to 194o. Can you think of another historic tyrant on the loose during this time? Adolf Hitler! At the time, Hitler was making overtures about invading Czechoslovakia. He had already orchestrated the annexation of Austria into the German empire. On May 28, 1938 Hitler told his Generals " It is my unshakable will that Czechoslovakia will be wiped of the map" Sound familiar? Amadinajab has been quoted as saying he would wipe Israel of the map. Britain and France where Leary about intervening. WWI was still a fresh wound for both countries. They did little to intervene as Germany began to militarise. Back then, the League of Nations acted in the same capacity as the UN does today. Maxim Litvinoff, The Soviet Union's foreign Minister addressed the League of Nations. He accused Britain and France of avoiding a problematic war today for a larger war later! Sound familiar? We invade a weaker country (Iraq) and ignore the greatest proliferater of terrorist support ,Iran. Or kind of like the weak UN sanctions imposed on Iran for their nuclear program! Neville Chamberlain flew to Germany to "talk" with Hitler. He returned home waiving a peace of paper declaring peace in our time. The paper was an agreement reached between Germany and Britain never to go to war! This agreement was meet with world wide praise because a peaceful diplomatic solution was reached. I can see Phil Donahue on CNN praising Obama for his diplomatic skills with Iran! Sounds like the arguments the Obamites are making about Iran! Shortly after, Hitler took over Czechoslovakia and Poland. The war for Europe was on!!

It is eerie how many similarities you can see between the run up to WWII and what is happening know in the Middle East. Many of the same arguments where being made then as they are know. Except the world has the Persian Hitler instead of the one of German ilk!! These are tough and tricky decisions that are hard to make. I hope Obama knows his history and won't make the same mistake of appeasement that Chamberlain made!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

D-Day Iran: By The Mental Pugilist

President Bush has roughly nine months left in office. Will he leave Iran to the next President?
Recent developments might indicate that war with Iran might be closer than the average American thinks! They key is to decipher sabre rattling from true intentions when reading stories coming out of the Middle East. Secretary Rice , President Bush, and Darth Vader (Chaney) have recently made trips to key allies in the region. Saturday , Secretary of Defense Robert Gates payed a visit to Oman. Oman is the site for many U.S. military bases. They would play a major role in any attack on Iran! Israel is on full alert expecting something to happen. This week, they are having public drills for missile and chemical attacks. The mourning period for Imad Mugniyah, hesbollah chief terrorist is over as well. After Darth Vader's trip ,last week to Saudi Arabia, their news services reported to their public to be prepared for the effects of any nuclear fallout. Similar reports where coming out of Egypt. General Petraeus is scheduled to testify this week in front of congress. He has blamed Iran for supplying the Mahdi Army in Basra. They are also supplying IEDs that are killing American Soldiers every day! Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria are on full alert and are expecting a conflict with Israel. President Bush meet with NATO allies and Russian President Putin last week. Surely Iran was discussed. Shall I go on? Last but not least, The U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln departed its Washington port on March thirteenth. It is headed to the Persian Gulf.

All these facts seem to be coming to a crescendo point! What does the above mean? I firmly believe that there is no way Bush would leave office without doing something about Iran. He has said repeatedly on TV that he would not let Iran get the nuclear bomb! The recent surge has pored thousands of more troops into Iraq. Interesting isn't it that Petraeus is going to recommend a pause in troop reduction. Is this really to keep the number of troops in country for a necessary operation with Iran? These extra troops would allow the necessary strength to counter any attack from Iran inside Iraq. the rockets hitting the green zone are also blamed on Iran. One has to wonder , how long are military leaders are going let Iran kill American troops without answering for it? Washington's greatest fear is the crescent moon of Iran, rising over the whole region where there is over half of the worlds oil supply comes from! Put this fear together with the two Democratic Presidential nominees, Who might win the Presidency, who vow to pull the troops out. Troop pull out ,in the current administration minds, sees Iran taking control of the region. This is precisely why Bush and Vader will not let Iran go untouched while they are in office! People you got nine months!!!!!! Wake Up!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

NO MORE BOOMERS!! By The Mental Pugilist

The Democratic Presidential race has its eyes squarely set on the state of Pennsylvania. Obama is looking for the knock out blow in a state dominated by the white hard hat wearing voters! I don't know of any other sport , than bowling , that would cater to the lunch pale caring crowd. I wonder if Barack goes to Texas will he play some soccer with the day laborers, or in Arizona a game of golf?

Hillary ,on the other hand , was at it again. She was caught in another lie. Hillary Clinton has been telling ,on the campaign trail, about a pregnant woman in Ohio that supposedly died because she was refused care at a hospital due to being uninsured. The hospital has came out and refuted the story. Whoops! Does it ever end with her?
Having taken in the ups and downs of the primary season, one thought has really stuck with me. No more baby boomers for President. How can anyone want sixteen more years of a Clinton or a Bush in the White house!! I can hear the collective barf bags opening if one of these boomers makes it to our nations highest office. America needs a new generation of leaders. I believe I found the root cause in the behavior of these power hungry politicians who refuse the changing of the guard. They all grew of age in the sixties!! What was happening that shaped them so? Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! They suffer from taking to many hits of acid and LSD while holding a complete strangers hand singing combia!! Have you ever thought Ted Kennedy , John Kerry , Bill and Hillary are kind of wacky? Look no further than the age of free love and mind altering experiences. They where all products of this generation. Maybe that is what is wrong with this country! We got a bunch of leaders that shouldn't have taken that last hit!!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

John Titor (shown below); Fact or Fiction: By The Mental Pugilist

Many of you have probably herd of the Internet legend John Titor, the time traveler. If you haven't , let me fill you in. John Titor started posting online in 1999 and left in 2001. He claimed to be a time traveler from the future. Whats interesting is that he made many predictions that seem to be coming true. This is how I first herd of John Titor. It is a strange story so bear with me.
Back in 2003, I was on my way to Kroger, my local grocery store, to find a book to read. I was bored and wasn't looking for anything in particular. I settled on a book from the left behind series. I purchased the book and was on my way to my car. I was thumbing threw the book and a little peace of paper was stuck inside. I pulled out the paper and opened it up to read it. It only contained a typed two word message: "John Titor". I thought John Titor?, who is that? I crumbled the peace of paper up and threw it out. I didn't think twice about the weird message in my book until about a week later. I was driving home late one night. I just happened to tune into Coast To Coast AM with George Noorie. He said " Up Next we will have so and so on to discuss John Titor the time traveler. Instantly I recognized the name from my book. "What the hell?" I thought , first the book , know on the radio! So I listened and became aware of who John Titor was. How Strange! I went home and researched John Titor online. I learned of all his predictions and how he vanished in 2001 never to post another prediction again.
Fast forward to 2008. What is interesting is to look at some of his predictions and compare them to what is happening in the world today. Here are my thoughts. One of his predictions was 2008 Olympics in China will never happen. Last week , Nancy Pelosy has called for the U.S. boycott the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Other world leaders are starting to call on a boycott because of Tibet and China's lack of human rights. Another prediction was that there would be race riots and civil unrest in 2008 that would lead to all out civil war in the U.S. . Lets see, I can see the roots off race riots being set by this years Democratic Presidential race. If Barack wins the popular vote and the super delegates come in and give it to Hillary, denying the first black president the nomination, what would happen? Open riots!! Throw in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Issue and Immigration; I can see this prediction coming true. John Titor also famously predicted that 2004 election would be the last. Well, President Bush this year signed an executive order that allowed him to suspend elections in the case of a terrorist attack or a national emergency! When I herd that, it gave me goosebumps!
The whole way I found out about John Titor and all that has unfolded makes think,,,,
Hmmm Maybe I should be wearing a tin foil hat!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The power grab has begun! This week the Treasury Secretary ,Henry Paulson, laid out plans to give The Federal reserves unprecedented power of the U.S. financial markets. The changes in regulating powers would be the greatest since The Great Depression of the 1930's. What many people don't realize is the problem is not in the regulation of the financial markets, its the money supply.
Who is in charge of the printing and circulating the U.S. dollar? None other than The Federal Reserve! It is unbelievable that so many Americans are so ill informed about the dollar and The Federal Reserve!! The problem in are economy and the artificial bubbles it creates (housing, dotcom) and then collapses is directly linked to the manipulation of how many dollars are in circulation.
Have you seen how much our dollar is worth? forty cents = 1 Euro!!! With every interest rate cut , the dollar weakens. You will never here the media or a Presidential politician talk about the tanking U.S. dollar. Recently I was watching C-span. Janet Perino, the Presidents Media Secretary, was giving a press briefing on the U.S. economy. One reporter asked about the devaluation of the U.S. dollar vs the Euro. She paused a moment , and said I cant answer that or I will be fired. I nearly dropped my fork!! Did she really just say that!! She did!

The Federal reserve has the ability to print money out of thin air ,creates enormous inflation, and devalues the greenback. The Fed has no oversight from any federal agency. It is privately owned. Yet we let the manipulation of are currency continue. It is like it is purposely being done. The purpose to destroy America and bring in the Amero!
The cherry on top is all these companies that are getting bailed out (Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers) on behest of the Treasury and The Federal Reserve, has one of their own at the top. The Treasury Secretary is Henry Paulson! He is an Ex.Goldman Sachs CEO!!!!. Its like the Mafia! You put your key lieutenants in strategic places!
Every time the government bails out a company, the fed prints more money out of thin air. This puts more money in circulation which cause the dollar to loose value!

Next time McCain , Barack or Hillary visit your city for a town meeting quietly raise your hand.
Politely ask " how do you feel about how we let a private company print money out of thin air which causes the collapse of our dollar with no government oversight what so ever. How do you feel that are U.S. dollar is only worth forty cents to the Euro and who , in your opinion is to blame for the collapsing dollar ?" Don't be surprised if you are promptly grabbed ,by the arm, and led out by the secret service for asking such a question. TRY IT, I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Howard Howard Howard, what are we going to do with you? The DNC leader did not disappoint in his latest comments on Senator John McCain. He accused the Senator as a blatant opportunist for his get to no him tour that was launched this week. WHAT!!! John McCain is using his Vietnam war experience , which included five years of captivity, and exploiting it to benefit his Presidential aspirations?? Hummm, Lets see ,, wasn't it Howy ,who in 2004, said of John Kerry "Who would you rather have in charge of the defense of the United States of America, a group of people who never served a day overseas
in their life, or a guy who served his country honorably and has three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star on the battlefields of Vietnam?" What an Idiot!! Sometimes I really wonder if the Democratic party purposely wants to loose the upcoming presidential race. If you are often left scratching your head on some strange things the Democratic party does, look no further than there cartoonish leader. Everybody remembers the infamous scream. But, he has one upped himself on this one!! No matter what you think of John McCain, His story is one of true American Hero!! His story is at the heart at what it is to be a American, Duty , Honor, Self sacrifice for ones country!!!!! His story is one that truly can be appreciated by the left and right. I often think, what was I doing at 22?? drinking , partying, picking up girls, worrying when my next exam is going to be!! Mr. McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton refusing to leave his fellow P.O.W's because of his fathers status. His sacrifice and Bravery should be honored, just like the young marines who are serving so bravely in Iraq and Afghanistan. No matter if you agree or disagree with the war, Sacrificing ones own self for a greater good (especially your country) is truly inspiring!
The difference in John Kerry and John McCain is how they treated their fellow service men when the returned the U.S. !!

Someone needs to put Howard Dean in the Hanoi Hilton!!!
P.S. If not, please please Howard keep on talking for the love of all Republicans!!!!!

The Mental Pugilist!